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  • Compassion. Leadership.

    with heart & mind.
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I assist you to invest your financial wealth - aligned to your purpose and beneficial to people and planet while preserving your capital.


Impact Investing Advisory & Coaching


Welcome to the Impact Investors movement.
We create a world, where humans co-live in harmony with each other and the planet, with our investments by optimizing social, environmental and financial return. We respect planetary boundaries, we embrace diversity and take care of our fellows.

The industry spans many sectors across the world with varying risk-return-impact levels. I support you to find your sweat spot by aligning your purpose to the investment strategy and assisting you with your investments.


My Services


Find your purpose & align it to the investment strategy

Impact Investing Advisory

Analysis of direct and private fund investments

Investors Circles

Training to become a professional impact investor with heart and mind

About the Sector


Values and Purpose

Aligning your purpose and values to your investments to enhance your own and global well-being Read More

Impact Investing

Impact investments generate intentionally a measurable social and environmental value alongside financial returns Read More

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence drives 58% of your performance Read More
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My guiding star in my work is to integrate humanity into a sustainable economic system.
For the past 15 years I have created my career investing and venture building to generate impact and profit across 5 continents and 10 sectors. The impact gives me meaning and the building of ventures fulfilment. Next to my investment experience and skills, my key ingredients for success are working from a place of joy, compassion and trust.

By finding our inner wealth while investing our financial wealth we can bring healing to the world and ourselves!
Nina Cejnar

Former Clients

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  • Nina unites leadership and compassion, entrepreneurial thinking and profoundness giving her the ability to empower and support both the personalities and organizations she is working with. It has been a true pleasure experiencing her enthusiasm, courage and power from within she is bringing to any team and partnership she is passionately involved in.
    image Christine Hoenig-Ohnsorg Ashoka Deutschland
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