Our Purpose: We fall in love with the world again and treat her like a lover with our investments

People: Listening to our hearts and using our mind for daily life and business decisions is uncommon but immensely beneficial. It helps us to prevent burnouts and stress and serves as a powerful catalyst in bringing about change in business. It unleashes creativity, passion and resilience and ultimately guides us to realize our full potential as human beings.

Business: Capitalism has created tremendous material wealth, but we are still facing numerous crises such as climate change, inequality and poverty. And with the unprecedented pace of technological change it has become more important than ever to put humanity and the environment at the core of economic systems while using profit as a mean. Developing businesses with a positive social and environmental impact will help us to re-calibrate systems and create abundance for people and the planet.

Society: Traditional, linear approaches are not addressing the biggest challenges facing us of today. We need a highly co-creative approach, engaging all the key stakeholders, in order to work together to find solutions. We belong together especially in view of our diversity!


Our Values



We act with love and care for humanity and the environment


We embrace diversity without judgement


We gain confidence by acknowledging our strengths and vulnerabilities


We view cooperation as a new competitive advantage
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The beginnings
I decided to start my own company while I  was on a vision-quest in a dense forest in Germany. The moment I spoke it out loud, a herd of deer emerged right next to me. That was my sign to start Golden Deer.

Afterwards, I discovered a beautiful story about compassion called "The Golden Deer". This story really touched me as it captures the essence of why I started Golden Deer and the meaningful change I want to bring to the world.

 My background


For more than ten years, I have been working with impact investors and entrepreneurs who care about social and environmental causes while generating profits by applying solid business models.

I have supported investments in impact ventures and funds in ten different sectors across five continents. I have co-started ventures from scratch in Europe and East Africa. I have supported more than a hundred ventures with their growth strategies. My work is now based on long-term practical experience.

For more details on my track record, have a look here!

My philosophy
The positive impacts fuel my heart and motivation. My intuition leads the way. My mind helps me to bring investment and social business into action and achieve the intended results.

Working with numerous impact investors and entrepreneurs globally has taught me that the unlikely marriage of profit and 'doing good' is indeed possible. I am motivated by my experience of turning a disadvantage into an opportunity through the principle of applying a social business solution. Miracles are possible.

To gain further clarity about who I am, what I want and how to be in this world, I have dedicated much of my free time to meditation and personal development. This practice of bringing light to my strengths, shadows and heart's desires has guided and supported all of my business endeavours. With the alignment of my inner being and my life's work, I have unlocked infinite potential. We are all magicians.

Emotional Intelligence Impact Investing

I feel rich both, in- & outside!

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